Rustic Wooden Washboard

Rustic Wooden Washboard


This beautiful rustic wooden washboard has been re-purposed as a stunning wall hanging or fireplace mantel curiosity. It appears to have been well used over many years before the hand-painted flowers were added on each end. It is a beautiful piece of wood and the corrugations are wonderfully symmetrical, perfect for any rustic collection. One end is not a complete square - a notch of wood is missing, but it is smooth and adds to the rustic feel. I especially enjoy the juxtaposition of the rustic wood and the painted flowers.

I used this for our Saint Patrick's Day display for a few years and it always elicited quite a few smiles! The green is so vibrant against the rustic, well used wood. It has a very nice hand feel, due to it's use as an laundry aid before being retired for display only! Quite heavy as well.


22" x 6" x 1"

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