Set of Two Small Whisks/Egg Beaters

Set of Two Small Whisks/Egg Beaters


This is a set of two wire whisks/egg beaters from the 1950s. They both have wood handles and metal wire working surfaces. These can be used as a whisk, stirrer or strainer. The larger of the two has a wooden handle at the top with a metal hanging ring and a metal shaft. The smaller is a full wooden handle. Neither of them have been painted and would be served well with a wood conditioning oil. The smaller one has some slight rusting where the handle and the wire base meet. The smaller will stand on it's own with the whisk as the base. The larger does not have the ability to pull off this feat - the handle is too heavy for the base!

Neither one has any manufacturer markings. The larger of the two is more substantial than the smaller, although they both appear to be workable kitchen tools. They make a great pair!


10" long for larger, whisk diameter 2 1/4" at base

7 3/4" long for smaller, whisk diameter 2" at base

Sold as a set

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