Small Enamelware Percolator

Small Enamelware Percolator


Here is the perfect little percolator to make that first cup of coffee while you are on your next "glamping" or even camping trip!

This is a small coffee pot, it only holds 3 cups and it includes the original basket, stem and cover and the most charming glass bulb on top from which you can watch the coffee come alive! This is likely from the 1930's or 40s based on the materials and design.

It has been used, the inside and base has some discoloration from use and there is a worn spot on the base, but I believe it would still hold up to a campfire. The rest of the outside of the pot does not have any significant chips and the handle and spout are securely affixed. The lid shows some wear at the base of the glass percolator lid and the outside rim, but it is not rusting. There is some slight rusting in the base on the handle and some staining on the inside of the spout. The glass percolator, marked Fire King, on the lid fits snuggly and the glass is in fine condition. It, by itself, is worthy of display!

If you don't want to use it as a coffee pot, it would be great for a farmhouse kitchen display, or on a cook stove or Hoosier cabinet! It has a compact size that is very pleasing to the eye.


6 1/2" tall to the top of the pot, 9" to the top of the percolator

5" diameter at the base

8 1/2" across from the spout to the handle

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