Striped Mixing Bowl

Striped Mixing Bowl


This is an old all purpose mixing bowl with pink and blue stripes and beehive ribs at the bottom. The bowl is similar to the Pink and Blue Stripes bowl made by McCoy/Nelson, but it has no manufacturer marks and thus I do not believe it is made by McCoy. I have shown it in one of the pictures with the similar coloring McCoy bowl as they would make an excellent set for your baking and display needs!

The bowl is in excellent vintage condition with no rim chips on the top edge and only slight chipping on the bottom edge. There are also no cracks or crazing of the surface, only the expected manufacturers imperfections that come with yellow ware of this age. The glaze and paint is in wonderful condition with only one small stray pink mark on the inside of the bowl. It is really a charming piece!


8" diameter at top

4 1/4" diameter at base

4 1/2" tall

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