Vintage Decoware Bread Box

Vintage Decoware Bread Box


This a darling vintage 1950s metal bread box from Decoware is just the finishing touch your farmhouse kitchen is looking for. The box is a cream color with a navy painted lid, back air vents and copper colored lining on the inside of the top. The front is simply decorated with a blue script Bread . This color combination is a bit harder to find and goes well with 1950's green handled kitchen tools and other elements of today's kitchens, like stainless steel and wood accents. I used it for years on my counter and found it to be a reliable storage piece - and one that made me smile often! I recently found another box at an Estate sale and just don't have the room for it anymore. And - think of how cute it would look it your office to store financial records (a play on the Bread label!).

This box is in good vintage condition with the most wear on the blue color of the lid. While there are no significant dents or dings, there are numerous scratches and surface rust on all side of the box. The functioning lid fits snugly and the interior is clean, although it does have missing paint and surface rust.

Embossed with the Decoware logo on the bottom of the box.


7 1/2" x 13" x 9"

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