Vintage Kitchen Stitchery

Vintage Kitchen Stitchery


Vintage Crewel Stitching on a Sampler with the saying “No Matter Where I Serve My Guests They Seem to Like the Kitchen Best". This is a lovely handcrafted sampler with rustic charm on cream colored linen. Multi-colored threads (mostly in pastel shades) make up the flower garland design the surround the basket of flowers and saying in the center. There are also butterflies in each corner.

It is framed in a medium brown lacquered wood frame with a full glass cover. The back has thick cardboard attached with masking tape and a metal hanger at the top.

The sampler itself is in excellent condition as it has been behind glass. The frame is quite nicked up on the left hand side. Some brown wood filler touch up would hide the damage a bit, or it could be put into a new frame.

This was found at an Estate Sale that had the type of kitchen which surely matched the saying - it was quaint and cozy and I could almost smell the cookies baking!


12 1/2" x 10 1/2" x 1/2" framed

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