Biscuit Colored VC Enamel Steamer

Biscuit Colored VC Enamel Steamer


This is a beautifully cast ornate steamer to compliment your Vermont Casting Biscuit stove finish. The steamer can be filled with water to return humidity back to the room air. Essential oils can be added to the water to gently fragrance your room. This would also look amazing on non-Vermont Casting stoves as the color is a striking contrast to traditional matte black stove finishes.

Made of cast iron, Vermont Castings Lattice Steamers feature a durable porcelain finish inside and out to resist rusting and chipping. Unique in design and of the highest quality, this steamers is functional as well as decorative. Larger capacity than the smaller 2 1/2 quart offerings.  


13 1/2 X 8 1/4” X 5 3/4”

From Vermont Castings

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