Old Sturbridge Village Framed Vintage Note Cards

Old Sturbridge Village Framed Vintage Note Cards


These two framed note cards depicting scenes from the Old Sturbridge Village in winter time are a charming way to bring a touch of Early Americana into your mantel display. I think they would be especially charming during the holidays!

I believe these are note cards that were produced on high quality card stock that someone had professionally framed. Each of the prints has a description on the back (you can see them in the pictures) that leads me to believe they were part of a winter note card set. They are charming pen and ink representations of two iconic scenes at Old Sturbridge Village - Miner Grant's General Store and the toll bridge entering the village. The details of the animals and people, along with the surrounding buildings and landscape makes these very special. The are signed by the artist, but I can not decipher the signatures. One indicates 1957 and the other 1961 as dates for their creation.

They are framed quite beautifully to compliment the story the pictures are telling. Black painted wood frames, linen matting and a gold bevel trim on both.

These are sold as a set. They are in very good vintage condition. There is some stick-um on the back lower corners of each that I believe was there to make them hang more level. It likely could be removed, if desired but is not really detracting from them so I have left it to the buyer’s decision.


9 1/8" x 7 1/8" x 1" framed

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