Swiss Village Music Box

Swiss Village Music Box


A charming little music box to add to your Christmas mantle! The marking on the bottom indicates Made in Switzerland Reuge Saint Croix and was from the 1940's. This is a combination music box and powder box, likely intended for the top of the dresser or vanity.

The colors are very soft and complimentary to the greens and reds of Christmas decor. There is a painted scene of a Swiss village in the countryside, with the Alps in the background.

The music box works quite well and you can hear it on the Warmth and Cheer Instagram posting for this piece. Everything about this piece is charming - right down to the key you use to turn the music on. You simply wind it up and take the top off and it plays a soft lilting tune, put the top back on and it stops.

There are some signs of wear around the outside of the top and on the sides of the piece. There are also scuffs in the silver base. It sits very level on it's feet and the mechanics of the music box itself appear to be in "swiss precision-like" condition.


5 1/2" diameter

2 3/4" high

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