Hearthstone Soapstone Steamer

Hearthstone Soapstone Steamer


The fall and winter season bring the need for humidifying for the home- a wooden-heated home can be very dry- a stove top humidifier or steamer teapot can add much-needed moisture to the environment

Beautiful design and function come together with the Hearthstone Soapstone Steamer. Made from the same material as Hearthstone high quality Soapstone stoves this steamer will humidify the air during the winter months of wood stove use. The body of the steamer is made of soapstone and the Blue/Black enamel finish on the cast iron lid will help prevent rusting. 2 quart capacity.

7 1/2” wide including handle, 6 1 /4” high including top, 7” diameter at base

From Hearthstone Stoves

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