Black Enamel Cast Iron Lattice Top Steamer

Black Enamel Cast Iron Lattice Top Steamer


Fall and winter brings a need for humidifying for the home- a wooden-heated home can be very dry. A stove top humidifier or steamer teapot can add much-needed moisture to the environment

This traditional enamel black cast iron steamer with a lattice top would look at home in numerous decor options. The interior and exterior are both of porcelain enamel finish.

The traditional lattice work top allows water to easily vaporize. The steamer holds 2.2 quarts of water and can be placed directly on the stove top or used with a trivet


10 1/2” wide including handle, 6 3/4” high including top, 6 3/4” diameter at base

From Sand Hill Wholesale

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